Paws Zone’s Dog Daycare

Does your dog need physical and mental stimulation?

Is your dog in need of being socialized? 

Is your dog bored and anxious from being left home alone?

Are you too busy to take your dog for a walk or play?


Dog Daycare Benefits


Dog daycare provides a fantastic way to socialize your dog – to meet new dog friends as well as human friends.  Yes, there’s a lot of sniffing and tail wagging.  They will gain valuable social skills every time they are at Paws Zone.

Boredom & Anxiety Relief

Boredom and anxiety in dogs can lead to destructive behaviours like chewing, excessive barking, and even toilet accidents.  Physical & mental stimulation is core to our dog daycare program to keep their brains & bodies active. 

Better Dog Care

At Paws Zone, your dog is guaranteed to get heaps of belly rubs, cuddles, pats and kisses by our experienced and caring staff.  Our dog guests have room to run and play with our centre offering generous play areas indoor and a huge outdoor area.

Safety is our Priority

Our daycare program is centered on a cage-free environment practice. We conduct temperament tests on our prospective dog guests to evaluate suitability to joining the Paws Zone family.

More Me Time for You

Dog daycare is perfect for busy pet owners. With the company of other humans and other dogs, your dog will get the interaction and enrichment he needs.

Healthier Dogs

The daily dog daycare program at Paws Zone consists of a balanced mix of supervised exercise, playtime, social time and rest. The result is a happy, calm, relaxed and healthy dog!


Dog Daycare Pricing



Casual Day Rate

1 dog at $50.00/day

2 dogs* at $95.00/day


Casual Half-Day Rate

1 dog at $40.00/day

2 dogs* at $76.00/day


Pensioner’s Special Rate

1 dog at $45.00/day

2 dogs* at $85.00/day


10-day Pass

1 dog at $450.00

2 dogs* at 900.00


20-day Pass

1 dog at $880.00

2 dogs* at $1,670

*Dogs must be from the same household.


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